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Our Heritage

Worldwide sales presence Double T was incorporated in May 1976 under the laws of Alberta, Canada. The company was founded with a focus on creating customized equipment with an emphasis on labor efficiency. Our foremost strength has been in combining design skills together with an understanding of our customer’s requirements. As a result, we have achieved a proven track record for nearly four decades of cost effective technical innovation.

We have successfully marketed products throughout North America from coast to coast. We have designed, engineered, manufactured and installed equipment and systems in the following areas of the United States of America; Texas, Florida, California, Georgia, Oklahoma, Kansas, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Colorado, Utah, Iowa, Michigan, Wyoming and Idaho. In Canada, we have successfully completed projects in all ten Provinces as well as the Yukon, Northwest Territories and also successfully entered the market in Mexico with sales from the north to the south of the country. We have also exported to countries such as India, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Japan, China and Russia.